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Inverto offers research and consultancy services as well as product development. You can use our know-how and IP as starting point.

The product creation process composes of 4 phases:

In the Concept phase, we put our technologies together to show how we can help you.

During the Feasibility phase, we gladly align the technical specifications with your marketing and market requirements. In this phase the testing and presenting of the first models is taking place.

In the Product development I phase, you receive the β-samples.

During product development phase II, we communicate the achieved standards for EMI and safety regulations. Afterwards we prepare the production process.

We can work out the production process and the automatic test equipment as you desire.


No engineering or product development is complete without the necessary operations behind it. This is why at Inverto the needed investments are completed so that the operation teams runs as efficiently as possible.

We have the ability to build your prototypes in-house. Or we can do your full-production with or without the use of our partners. Inverto will look for the most competitive solution while maintaining a high level of quality.

Production is completely coordinated from our Belgian facility. We have our own capabilities in Belgium and Slovakia. And we can, if needed, rely on reliable partners worldwide.

No product will leave the Inverto facilities before it has been checked by our quality department. We are committed to deliver you the same quality for each developed product regardless of the quantity.